“Shrunken Fury” in Havok Magazine

Pacific Rim is a family-favorite film around these parts. There’s nothing quite like a humongous monster from the depths waging a battle to the death with the pinnacle of mankind’s engineering. Plus, it looks pretty cool when you squash a bunch of buildings and blow everything up.

Today, I’m excited to announce that a Quik Fic story, “Shrunken Fury,” is joining an action-packed lineup of stories in Havok Magazine’s latest issue: Rampage! Monsters vs. Robots. These short stories capture the excitement and power of these kinds of mortal combat in new ways and perspectives, and they’re a blast to read. You’ll get stories from the likes of Jeremy Robinson, Liz Schriftsteller, and lots of other really awesome writers.

You can find the magazine available in digital and hard copy formats on MagCloud and a Kindle version on Amazon.

It was so much fun getting to contribute something to this collection, and I totally encourage you to go pick this up and see all the amazing, tail-kicking tales it has!

For other tales of science fiction, check out some of my other stories like “Nadir” and “Mister Neal Campton, Exhibit No. 1869.”

Photo Credit: Havok Magazine

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