The One Where I Almost Died and Then Wrote a Novel

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before…

Quik Fics Readers,

I know it’s been a long while since I’ve published new content on-site. I’ve appreciated all the love for the short bursts of stories I’ve shared through Quik Fics.

As it for most folks, life complicates craft. I assumed a new job a few months before HAVOK published “Shrunken Fury,” and things took a turn into the ultra-busy. Keeping up with All Things Life became extraordinarily complex.

Couple that with almost dying and, well, I needed a break.

I had a big medical scare earlier in 2019. I’m alright now, but it definitely jars you. It makes you think about the things you want in life and remind you of time’s preciousness.

If anything good came of this, however, it’s that it finally got me off my butt to write a novel.

After a lengthy development period, I’m currently pitching my first novel for publication. More details to come on that front, but it’s an exciting, nervewracking, and fascinating experience.

While I’m doing the pitchwork, I’ll also be rethinking some of how I do things on Quik Fics. I still want to write super-short, fun stories (my brain’s full of ’em, I swear!), but I’ll need to find the best way to do that with consistency. More to come on that front, too.

Thanks for the support, readers!


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