A Little About Me

Alex as a Young and Joyful Reader.
This is a printed photograph…and who reads the World Almanac anymore?

I’m told that I started reading chapter books at age 4, and honestly, I think that’s only a little bit of parental aggrandizement. I’ve always read voraciously and without a care given to genre, though I later became partial toward sci-fi (thank you, Douglas Adams). Looking back now, it seems only natural that writing would emerge somewhere down this road.

As time wore on, my career path has taken me in a whole host of directions. For example, I’ve fed an elephant while doing some marketing work in India and raised money to save elephants at the Indianapolis Zoo – oh, hello there, elephant in the header image and elephant-shaped favicon, now you make slightly more sense. Writing has been a part of all the places I’ve gone and things I’ve done, but a different kind of writing, a little more serious and staid.

You’ll find none of that here. Ridiculousness and inanity rule this roost. At the core of my stories on Quik Fics is a hint of silliness, something that will hopefully bring a smile to your face (though for the sake of your preferred reading device, please don’t spit out your food while at lunch). So, have some fun with these short tales, and drop me a line if you want to chat about all things writing – or you want to publish one of these Fics, that’s cool, too.

Alex Sventeckis is a writer-at-heart who eventually plans to publish some none-too-terrible novels, probably with a sci-fi twist. For now, he scribbles out some thoughts on here while managing content for TechPoint, where he gets to tell some amazing stories about technology in Indiana. A proud graduate of Ball State University (bachelor’s in marketing) and Indiana University (master’s in philanthropic studies), he has made Indianapolis his home and enjoys all the cultural wonderment therein, excessively so with the food.